I got bored and wanted something quick to draw while working on a larger piece but couldn't think of anything.  I got so desperate I turned to Deviantart (I know right? XD)  After a bunch of blaaargh suggestions user StrawberryTop007 suggested Cobra Commander from GI Joe: Retaliation.  I totally dig the design in the movie so I was like YEAH SURE!

Before I go any farther, I'm just gonna put this out there and say that I totally forgot that he and The Baroness are brother and sister in the movie universe.  I was halfway through the sketch when Tracy was all like "THEY'RE RELATED, STUPID!"  I could've stopped there, but I thought this was turning out really good so I was all FUCK IT WHO CARES?  XD

The idea to turn this into a recruiting poster and the slogan were Tracy's idea.  But in the end this is totally my fault and I'm not sorry.  At all.  :3

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