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Robots In Disguise 2015 has come to an end and it's been an awesome ride.  This is probably blasphemy to a bulk of transformers fans but it's become one of my favorite Transformers shows right after G1 and Galaxy Force (what might be even more sacrilegious is that think the same thing about Rescue Bots :D)

Obviously I wanted to draw something as my own little send off to Robots In Disguise.  I really wanted to do a lady take on the the Team Bee cast shot at the end of the opening credits but I'm much too unproductive to draw all of those figures right now, so another pic of Bumblebee gal it is!

I made her a bit older than my first piece of her since the point of the show is that Bumblebee's all grown up.  Mainly I change the outfit a bit and drew her hair loose since I usually draw it tied back in a high ponytail or pigtails.  I went through quite a few hairstyles until borrowed this idea from a friend of mine.  ^_^

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