Still trying to work my way out of an art slump.  Usually when I'm not drawing well I stop altogether, y'know, go cold turkey.  But This time I still have shit I want to put on paper so I'm just doodling and sketching until I come up with something I like.  Rogue here is result of that.

This actually started as a little poll I set up on Google+.  I had an itch to draw either Black Canary or the Scarlet Witch but couldn't decide, so I let my peeps decide for me.  The debate ran hot, funny and stupid when I just decided "SCREW IT I'M DRAWING ROGUE!!!"  XD

The pose was simple enough, Rogue swinging on her jacket.  Execution?  Yeah, not so much.  My initial sketch was okay.  Well...I liked her head, shoulders and arms.  That was it.  The rest of it was too static so I erased everything else and started from scratch.  I wasn't too sure how good a "Runway Model" pose would look on a good 'ol southern gal but it brought a new sense of movement to the piece, especially combined with the heels.  After coloring this up I thought the main figure could use a little bit more to compliment it so I whipped up a quick closeup to fill in some space.  ^_^

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