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Being Green


My wacky Marvel/Transformers crossovers continue this time with two of my faves, Rogue and Springer!  I'm obviously a huge X-Men fan and knew my next crossover pic needed to bench the Avengers and put the Merry Band of Mutants into the game.  :D

I knew I wanted to draw Rogue but it actually took me a while to think of Springer which is super surprising since he's one of my fav Transformers ever.  Like my last two Marvel crossovers they're striking pretty much the same pose, though I flipped Springer from the neck-down to make the composition a bit more interesting.

I mainly went with Springer's cartoon colors except for his chest which I colored yellow like the toy.  I wanted more yellow on him to better match Rogue, and because I never really understood why he was so green in the show.  :O

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