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Here's about a week's worth of nights squandered in front of Photoshop (I forgot to make dinner a few times too XD).  I had a hankering to draw me some 90's X-Men and Rogue is always fun to draw.  I thought it would be cool if she went balls-out and started borrowing everyone's power and kicking some crazy ass.  This started out as a time-killer and ended up snowballing into one of the biggest pieces I've ever tackled.  :O

When I started doodling I was just gonna have her shooting off some Optic Blasts.  Then I had her fist pop Wolverine's claws, and after that her left hand got some cards.  After throwing in Angel's wings and deciding the background would be stormclouds I was totally screwed.  ^_^;  Giving her Colossus's metal skin was something I thought of in the coloring process.  Since I already had an ice slide and didn't want that to look too much like Iceman's skin I added in ribbing on her neck.

Inking this was crazy.  I think I spent half an hour on the wings alone (speaking of which, if I ever decide to draw feathered wings again you have my permission to shoot me).  But coloring was even worse.  Because I thought the lines came out pretty cool I wanted to stick with a simple cel-shaded style to preserve the inks as best I could.  But with all of the powers and glowy effects that this would have going for it I changed my mind and do a bunch of gradient shit that all the cool kids are doing today.  Not only did I use layers a lot more than I'm used to I even used GROUPS :O :O :O

I'm not sure how many layers are in this, I lost count around 50.  I do know that the shading for her hair alone is 34 (honestly if I knew I was gonna color her like this I WOULD NOT have drawn her hair in segments like this XD).  I micro-managed a bunch of this, more than I probably should have, spending a bulk of my time tweaking brightness and color hues.  I'm pretty happy with how the effects turned out.  I tried to keep the powers unique looking, like giving the cards more of a fuzzy look and the psy powers a little bubbly.  I am a little disappointed that I lost a bit of the lineart on her eyes when I put in the Optic Blasts though.  I'm not near as adept or fast as other folks are at this stuff but it is a lot of fun.  :D

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