ROTF Bumblebabe

2009.07.23 (updated 2012.06.23)

For the first movie I drew a Bumblebee girl for a friend of mine (whom she dubbed "Bumblebabe").  It's a pretty fun piece to draw, even if it's pretty complicated, so I thought I'd update it for Revenge of the Fallen (the nerd in me feels the need to point out that a lot of the publicity art used for ROTF features movie 1 Bee, who has different Camaro parts  :3).

I used the new fenders ROTF Bumblebee sports in the movie, including the new lights and red Chevy bowtie.  I also decided to age her a bit and tie her hair into a single high ponytail rather than the pigtails my previous art had.  I kept the freckles on her because I still wanted some of that cute factor.  I also darkened her hair a few shades, adding some red to it.  In the previous pieces she was blond, and I had some trouble making her hair look different than the Camaro car parts on her outfit.  I think I fixed that problem, and the color scheme benefits from the change methinks.  ^_^

***   ***  Update Notes  ***   ***

I'm still really proud of the lines here, and even the colors have held up nicely over the years.  The piece never seemed "glossy" enough so I used a slow Saturday afternoon as an excuse to revisit this one.  I made the yellow Camaro parts much brighter and closer to the actual car color, and darkened the grey and black metal parts for a greater contrast.  I toyed with making her blond this time around but found that the strawberry blond hair was still the way to go.  I think I might have gone a bit overboard on the reflective surfaces, but it also makes the image pop a bit more.  So I'm standing by both versions, old and new.  ^_^;

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