ROTF Sideswipe Girl


My dad is a big Corvette nut and his baby is a 1971 Stingray, so when news broke that Revenge of the Fallen was going to be sporting the new Stingray Concept Car I knew I had to draw something.  Once robot images were leaked and Sideswipe was shown to have OMG WHEELS 4 FEET my pencil started to scribble.  ^_^

This is the first and (to date) only time I've drawn this, and I'm kind of surprised looking back at it now.  The skin and hair tones work well with the silver and grey colors and the swords and tires lend to some great pose ideas.  That and my friend Cathy is wild about this design and raves on and on about how she wants to make an actualy costume based on it.  Even more reason to draw her again. :3

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