Sailor FUCKING Jupiter


Lita (or Makoto for you purist nerds) is the bestest and I'll dropkick anyone who says different.  XD

I've been wanting to draw Jupiter again for a while and started doodling this at work in between calls.  The sketch turned out to be pretty tight so I decided to finish it up.  Drawing Sailor Moon-y eyes effectively still escapes me so I went with more of an eyelash-heavy style.  It worked out okay since I was going for a RRRRAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH ANNNGRYYYYYY KICK YO ASS expression.  :D

The pose was one of those happy accident situation.  You can kind of see in the pencils that I was trying to figure out what to do with her arms and liked it when I raised them up past her shoulders.  Then I realized it looked a lot like her transformation pose so I just locked it down.  After inking this I realized Lita's left hand was a bit too small to pull off the foreshortening effect so I cheated and blew the hand up a little in Photoshop.  ^_^;

I kept the coloring simple to pull of some dynamic lighting and showoff the lineart.  The hair and the eyes are the only parts I went a little crazy on.  :3

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