Sailor Scouts!


So this actually started off as a solo Sailor Mercury pic.  Even though Mercury is my least favorite one (sorry) my friends kept asking me when I was gonna draw her now that I'm all-in on this Sailor Moon fan art thing.  So I drew her and I have to admit, she was neat to draw.  I'm bad at short hairstyles like the one she usually sports so I made her 'do a bit longer so I could play around more.  After sketching her out I wondered who I should draw next, but then realized I'd probably draw like one or two more of the team and never finish the set like so many times before.

So I pulled a couple all-nighters and put the team together.  :D

Like Mercury and the Sailor Moons I've drawn recently I've made some changes to everyone here so I wouldn't look completely stupid trying to make anime characters "work" in my style.  Surprisingly there wasn't one that was a chore to finish, the only thing that came close are the three gals with the crazy long hair.  :O

This might end up as a print for this year's con season.  If you're interested in seeing that happen please don't keep it to yourself.  SAILOR MOON SAYS!

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