Samantha Byrne


My brother hooked my broke-ass up with a copy of Gears of War 3 and I'm pretty much addicted to it.  And what Silas gets hooked on, Silas draws fanart.

Sam is my gal in multiplayer so she was first up when I started doodling.  This started as a sketch, but it started to turn out pretty okay so I fleshed it out into a full piece.  Halfway through the pencils, as you can see, I decided that the pose was kinda boring so I threw in a Torque Bow to make it not-so-boring.  You can also see how I started with just loosely blocking in the armor details and where I finalized all the panel lines down the road.

And speaking of details... NEVER AGAIN, COG ARMOR.  Or at the very least, not for a while.  Inking wasn't so bad, but coloring just the bow and the chestplate took about two hours.  I fudged a lot of the lines because I liked the blue glowy thingies and wanted more of them...and because Silas's dumb ass couldn't figure out  how to make it work otherwise.  XD

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