G1 Sandstorm is one of my favorite toys so I'm not sure why I haven't drawn a lady version until now.  I'm glad I finally did because this was pretty fun to do.  I'm not sure where the pose came from but I like the way it turned out.  I couldn't think of a cool action pose to put her in and I didn't want her just standing there either so this works out well.  The lines turned out fine but the colors ended up being trickier than I thought they'd be.  I don't color yellow and orange much and matching Sandstorm's colors to the point where I felt comfortable with them proved to be a little bit of a hassle.  I also wrestled a bit with how shiny I wanted to make her outfit.  :O

Originally I was gonna call her "Sandystorm" but then I thought "Sandrastorm" would be better.  I wrestled with the names for a while, much longer than I really should have.  Then I decided the scientific way to solve my dilemma was to let DeviantArt vote on which name to use and Sandrastorm won by a landslide.  ^_^

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