The Scarlet Witch
My Way


I'll let you in on a secret.  I've probably drawn Wanda at least half a dozen times now and I don't really care for the character.  Weird, huh?  XD

I can't really tell you why I keep drawing her, this time being no exception.  But I'm glad I did since this one turned out really well.

I knew I wanted her in a midriff-bearing outfit, but I don't really like the one she already has.  I dunno, with the whole skirt/loincloth thing going on she looks too much like a gypsy.  I also kinda like her "Wolverine and the X-Men" design, but... no belly showing.  So I just went on my own little tangent bringing in some cues from the animation model (her straight hair and cloak) and the George Perez version (the two piece outfit and the gold thingies).  At first I had her showing a lot of skin as you can tell from the pencil version, but when I was about to ink I thought she was already showing enough skin so I raised her stockings all the way up to the bikini bottom.

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