There's a movement happening.  And you didn't even know about it.

I did this piece as support for naming the repaint of the Transformers Reveal the Shield Optimus Prime "Scourge" instead of "Nemesis Prime."  Those of you who were around during the early 2000's and fans of RID will appreciate this.  <3

I've always been bored with the name "Nemesis Prime" and was happy to jump on the bandwagon.  I've drawn a few "evil" Primas in the past, but never really liked the idea of drawing a straight redeco just for the sake of being evil.  In my mind, and evil persona needs their own look and RID Scourge was the epitome of that.  He wasn't just a "mirror image" or "evil clone" Optimus Prime, he was his own character and I wanted this piece to reflect that.  So I drew mainly from the RID Scourge design with some callouts to the inevitable toy we're trying to get named.  The biggest thing I took from the new toy was the sword.  That thing just looks so cool.  XD

Shout-out to DrArkeville of the TFW2005 Boards for the awesome toy digibash she's holding in the pic  ^_^

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