Movie Night


Obviously a Strongarm/Elsa buddy super team-up pic was due from me after I started getting into Robots in Disguise.  :D  When brainstorming I went with the simple route and tried out some action poses but nothing was really clicking.  I changed gears and started with some funnier ideas.  At one point I was playing with a big pic with Strongarm and Elsa listening to Anna and Sideswipe telling scary stories but that ended up being super complicated.  So I dumbed it down with a scary movie since that's kind of a thing in the show.  Along the way my buddy Josh said they should be wrapped in blankets and that was the spark that sent this running.

The light from the TV is what I thought was really important in selling this pic so I tried to draw everything around the idea that I'd have a lot of room to play when coloring this.  I'm usually struggling to keep my shades subtle so this was a welcome change to kind of cut loose.  I ended up dulling the color saturation from my normal levels for a more spooky look but I think the art is better for it.  :3

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