Go on a Journey
on Spaceship Earth


Here's Kaori waiting outside Spaceship Earth at EPCOT.  She's already gone on the ride three times, sent everyone her video postcard from the future and saved the town's energy shortage and you STILL haven't gotten your punk ass to the park yet.  :O

This started with me just wanting to draw Kaori.  I figured everyone is pretty tired of seeing her from me so I tried to come up with some clever or funny idea but couldn't think of anything.  Then I realized this is MY art and if I just wanna draw Kaori well that's just what I'm gonna draw dammit.  :D

The Kaori sketch turned out pretty good so I thought I'd throw a background in for her to wait around.  At first I was gonna do something from the show but then Spaceship Earth popped into my head since I've been gearing up for my next Disney trip.  During the inks I changed it from the Spaceship Earth sign to the Project Tomorrow one since the Spaceship Earth one is super high.  This is still kinda out of scale but works better since this would be at the ride's exit.  :3  (I was super lazy since the sign is mostly text in a font I don't have I found a photo on wdwthemeparks.com and used that as heavy reference).

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