Sailor Moon


I've promised a Sailor Moon pic to a few friends for a while now and I finally decided to come through with said promise.  I drawn quite a few Sailor Moon pieces but I haven't drawn Serena (that's right, I said Serena) since college.  I think it was fear due to a combination of her crazy hair and me not able to draw anime all that well.  I got over my fears when A) drawing a bunch of Kaori stuff said I don't need to worry about it look like "anime" and B) I've drawn crazier hair get over it Silas and just DRAW.

And I'm glad I did because oh my God was this fun.  The pose isn't inspired at all but this was really neat to work on, even the inks (to an extent).  The colors were a blast since Sailor Moon is all primary colors and no crazy patterns or design elements.  :3

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