"Shattered Glass"
Optimus Prima


BotCon 2008 introduced "Shattered Glass," an alternate universe where Autobots are bad, Decepticons are good blah blah blah.

Drawing an "evil" Optimus Prima seemed like a neat idea, so I ran with it.  I changed some of her physical appearance to match the tone.  Her skin took on an unhealthy tan and I went "bleach-blond" with her hair.  This was a tricky piece technically because I had the idea of having her behind literal shattered glass, with the shards showing her "good" form.  I drew the glass on a different sheet of paper and made that transparent in Photoshop.  I then duplicated the "evil" lineart and superimposed it on top of the glass to recolor into Prima's normal colors.  The bits of the face on the glass are from a previous piece.

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