I'm always getting requests and such to draw She-Hulk.  This should shut you guys up for a while.  XD

I thought if I'm going to draw this, I'm gonna do it right.  I wanted to have some fun with this and didn't want to do a standard pinup or "strong" pose that I would get bored with really quick.  I will give Jennifer this: she's not your standard superheroine so coming up with different and quirky themes isn't all that hard.  This idea popped into my head while I was driving and avoiding a squirrel and the rest is what you see here.  ^_^

She-Hulk, the little girl and the car were all drawn as separate elements (as most evident in the pencil stage) so I could give myself as much wiggle room as possible when playing with the final composition.  I wanted to make sure that it's evident at first sight what's going on in the picture, so the "D'AWWW" effect can kick in as soon as  possible.  :3

I've never done a full She-Hulk piece until now, so the little things concerned me more than they usually do.  First off, "Yes" I am aware that she usually doesn't show cleavage in her uniform.  But she's got that big seam down the middle of her leotard and I'll take as many artistic liberties as I want, dammit.  XD  Also, her colors were kind of an issue for me.  I didn't want her coming out as Elphaba, or the Jolly Green Giant for that matter.  So I tried some brighter shades of green for her skin, brighter than I'm used to, since she needed to look vibrant and alive rather than a piece of brocolli.  Her hair color also went through some changes since I didn't want it blending in too much with her skin.  I have seen some artists color it in shades closer to black but again I thought that would make her look too much like the Wicked Witch of the West.

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