After watching the second trailer for the Jem movie I wanted to draw something like this.  As bleh as the first trailer was, "Showtime, Synergy" popping up gave me a glimmer of hope.  A glimmer that the second trailer just dashed.  :/

It's not the best and this is my first time drawing Synergy but it was very theraputic after nerdraging over what we've seen of this movie so far.  XD  I played with who to make out of focus, Jem or Synergy and keeping Jem blurred in the foreground ended up being the best.  It was also a little tricky keeping Jem's eyes out of the picture (I thought doing that would be good for the "tone" I was going for), even with her huge hair.  Again, not the best but I think it was alright in the end.  :D

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