One of the big hullabaloos that has the Transformer nerd community all foaming at the collective mouth (myself included) is the upcoming release of Masterpiece Sideswipe.  Of course, given the choice of drawing Sideswipe versus drawing a chick dressed as Sideswipe, I picked the latter.  ^_~

For the most part, I based her outfit on Sideswipe's cartoon model except for her lower legs and the missile launcher.  G1 Sideswipe's missile launcher was always one of my favorite features of the toy so I drew her pose based around that.  I've drawn a G1 Sideswipe lady before, but it was kind of a quick piece so it was a lot of fun visiting this again and taking much more time with it.  I'm really happy with the hair and the boots, both of which were results of me just drawing and seeing what I came up with.  Sideswipe actually has much more white on his torso and midsection, so I threw in a bunch of white details on her belt and upper body to kind of match that motif since she's showing off some major midriff here.  XD

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