Slave Leia


Slave Leia (oh, I'm sorry.  I meant "Leia as Jabba's Prisoner) is one of those characters I think every fan artist is required to draw at least once.  I've drawn her before as a commission, but I thought I'd try again on my own terms. :3

Obviously I went for a sexier edge here and honestly might have gone a bit overboard here.  XD  Originally I had her face looking a lot more like Carrie Fisher but decided to dial it back.  Mostly I because I didn't want her looking at this piece and yelling "STUPID FUCKING NERDS!" if she happened to find this.  Besides, there's probably more than enough photorealistic Princess Leia naughty art out there without me adding to the mix.  At least, that's what I keep telling myself.  XD XD XD

Anyhoo, I like how the twists and turns came out on this.  I wanted to draw some crazy hair so I untangled her braid here and there.  The angle of the art gave me some grief and even though it ended up good, I might try this again with her upright later down the road.

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