Sniper Wolf


I've been wanting to draw Sniper Wolf again for a while now (I took a shot at her years ago, and have included that piece below) and this is the pose I had in mind.  This piece has been in the works for the last week or so and I have to saw that it turned out damn good.  :3

The trickiest part about this was the wolf, surprisingly.  I had no less than ten wolf references on my desktop while working on the pencils and it took me about an hour to finally sketch a face that I was happy with.  As far as Sniper Wolf was concerned, she was a total indulgence.  Big hair, big guns, big curves, the whole package (actually, if you compare the inks to the final colors with the inks, I actually ended up SHRINKING her bust.  I guess I went a little too overboard... XD).

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