Silas and His Scary Adventures


I put this together to illustrate an "Adventure" we went on during this year's MegaCon in Orlando. ^_^

So back in 1988 during my first trip to the Magic Kingdom, little Silas went on a ride called "Snow White and Her Adventures." Little Silas, being the wimp that he is, was scared shitless and scarred for life.

Fast forward to 2011, where Ashley and Silas once more venture to the Magic Kingdom. Silas, determined to figure out why he was such a little pussy at the ripe old age of 8, decided to brave the ride again (now re-named "Snow White's Scary Adventures." NOT a good sign).

The verdict?

The ride IS fucking scary.

It's a two-minute manifestation of one of the freakiest sequences in film history, the part in Snow White where she's running around the forest being molested by trees. That and the Evil Queen tries to drop a rock on you. A fucking ROCK. Mean old bitch!

Here's a pic my mom dug up from a family album:

Neither of us can remember if this was taken before or after the horrors that is the Snow White ride. So I'm either blissfully unaware of the terror that awaits me, or I'm celebrating the fact that I'm seeing daylight again and that there's still hope in the world.  XD

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