And now for today's entry in Silas's "Do you know who the hell THIS is?" game!  XD

I admit that I never really read Thunderbolts but I've always liked Songbird's design.  I've wanted to draw her before but her gold armor kind of scared me off but today I thought it might be fun so I gave it a shot.  Besides, I'm a Marvel guy and have been drawing a surprising number of DC gals lately.  ^_^;

This started as an idle doodle and surprisingly I was pretty happy with the final sketch without many changes.  The inks being as fine as they are was a happy accident as my pen was on its last leg.  XD  I usually don't ink so thinly but with the lineart and pose being on the more elegant side the lighter inks work really well.  I'll definitely be drawing Songbird again because her outfit is a lot of fun to draw, and the same goes for her high contrast outfit.  The energy effect was icing on the cake and that popped into my head after finishing the inks.  Originally I was just gonna have her float there but then I picked up a new sheet of paper and drew out the energy wings to emphasize the sense of motion here. 

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