Red Sonja


A little while ago someone suggested that I give Red Sonja a go.  Why I haven't drawn her before now is beyond me.  :3

At first I was going to try an action shot, but since this was the first time drawing the character I decided to go with a more static picture.  The sketch turned out pretty well, so I inked it up and threw some color on it.  It took me quite a while to start on the latter two steps.  For a gal wearing not-so-much, she's got a lot going on.  Armor, chainmail, belts, and a helluvalotta red hair.  I think I started coloring her bikini first and soonafter putting in the flats I started to cry.  XD

But I trucked on through and this ended up turning out a lot better than I had expected.  Especially her hair, which was kind of an accident.  When I arrived at that step I was sick and tired of shading and decided to take the lazy way out and use the lineart segments as a flat way of "shading" and it ended up giving the art an interesting twist.  So much so that I'm already planning some future pieces featuring the "She-Devil with a Sword."  ^_~

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