Sorceress Collab


When I'm not lazy I do a thing called "Free Sketch Monday" on DeviantArt and one Monday I got The Sorceress as a request.  I really like the 200X version of The Sorceress and since I wasn't given a specific design to draw I pulled rank and doodled that version.  :D

A couple weeks later I got an email from the lady who requested Sorceress as a sketch containing this.  She had taken my rough doodle and painstakingly inked and colored it (which isn't small potatoes if you've seen the mess-pocalypes which are my pencils  XD).  The detail in the lines is crazy, especially in the wings, which she extended.  I don't think I would have the patience to have done that.  I probably woulda cheated it by folding her wings or something.  :O

Thanks for the art, Dawne!  Great work!  :3

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