Springer & Arcee


I've had the idea of a Springer and Arcee couple pic in my head for a while.  Work's been pretty slow this last week so I thought I'd finally work on it during the down times.  ^_^

At first I was going to draw some cutesy pic, but nothing I started doodling looked right.  Then I realized my problem: it wasn't Springer.  To me, Springer's always been the jock of the gang, and dancing around with his girl isn't his style.  So I thought of something a little more showboaty, and this pose popped into my head.  Springer's a tough dude, with charisma and confidence to match.  So he'd wanna show off his awesomeness to his main gal, right?  ^_~

The pose was easy enough to come up with, but getting it on paper was tough.  I'm still not completly sold on some of the details, but as a whole it works and I like the motion/energy of the piece.  Inks came without incident and the colors turned out really nice considering that this is the first Springer piece I've drawn that has gone to the colors stage.  :3

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