Ororo Munroe


This is my long-belated half of an art trade.  Why so long?  Part of it is because I haven't drawn Storm in such a long time.  The rest is because I'm a lazy bum.  ^_^;

I have to say, this piece was A LOT of fun.  I haven't drawn Storm in ages, and while I was working on this piece I wondered why that was.  Her cape and hair are a blast when you just wanna go nuts, as are her powers.  The lightning and background in this piece are the results of pure experimentation.  Her pose was simple, but with a little flash of elegance by throwing in a bit of hip movement.  I went with my favorite 1990's era white outfit, but kicked up the greys and contrast so it wouldn't blend in with her mane so much.  that and I like the semi-leather look to the whole thing.  :3

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