Powersuit 2.0


You can keep your school girls and French maids.  For me, a woman in a snazzy suit gets my motor running.  I've been in a fetish-y mood lately, so I thought I'd take the chance to follow up on one of my favorite older pieces in the form of The Powersuit Lady.  Shameless, yeah I know.  But it's my art and I'll do whatever the hell I want.  :3

I've changed a couple things here and there, but for the most part I've kept to the original art since this is kind of an update.  This was bunches of fun for obvious and not-so-obvious reasons and I'll definitely be drawing her again.  I guess I should come up with a name for her huh?  XD

The furnishings, believe it or not, were a blast to draw.  I wanted her to have some "New Age" stuff but couldn't find any references that I really liked.  So I played it by ear when sketching out her desk and chair.  ^_^

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