Suiting Up


This is something I drew when I was finishing up the script for Prima's origin comic.  A keen eye may catch that she's dressed as Carly.  ^_~

I'm an action movie junkie, and some of my favorite parts are what I call "suit-up scenes."  It's that part when the badass hero is putting on his gear for the final battle, and you get to see all the goodies that'll be used to deal out pain to the bad guys (see the movie Commando for a prime example).  After reading the comic, you'll know that this pic doesn't exactly fit in with the continuity I created, but it still holds up as a pretty neat piece of art.  I'm especially proud of the energy beams holding her armor together.  It was interesting trying to figure out how to do that effect exactly.  Though, believe it or not looking back I regret opening her shirt completely here.  I think showing so much skin and underwear actually detracts from this particular piece.

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