Summertime Rogue


I live in Alabama, and as you can guess it's hot as balls right now.  I grew up in Canada so summer here isn't anywhere near my favorite time of year and there are very few things about the season that make me happy.  Thankfully, swimsuits are one of those few things.  :3

I started drawing Rogue because she's one of my favorite characters and I just felt like drawing her again.  I began doodling her in uniform but saw that I was drawing pieces that looked a lot like past pics I had done of her.  Then, for some reason, I remembered This Trading Card of her in a swimsuit.  I like the idea, but not so much the art.  I changed the cut of the suit and made her hair not so...well, "Cher."  XD

The pose came pretty easy from there.  When I mentioned that I was drawing Rogue to a friend, he said "make her SASSY!"  Rogue in a swimsuit made a sassy pose come pretty naturally.  ^_^  I wanted her flying so I wasn't just copying the trading card pose, and I threw her jacket on to make the piece look more "Rogue" and less like a random swimsuit photo shoot.  Originally I had her barefoot but her feet were drawn horribly so I threw on a pair of Crocs.  XD

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