I Heart Blue


I started on this piece because I wanted to draw a hot chick in a bikini.  I wish I had a more noble intention in mind, but that's the truth.  I could go on about style and technique but it'd end up sounding like "booby booby color choices here were interesting because curvy curvy hips blah blah blah titties."  XD

Seriously though, this one was interesting because I started this thinking it was going to be a quick little sexy piece.  But if you look at the pencils and see all the erased mess you'll know that wasn't the case.  I kept second-guessing myself and finding things wrong with the art.  I must've redrawn her hips three times alone.  Obviously blue is my favorite color and I originally intended for her to be blond to match the swimsuit.  But when I was inking I had the idea of giving her raven hair.  Part of it was because I wanted to practice coloring black things, and the other because I thought it'd be downright cool.  :3

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