Supergirl is like Wonder Woman for me.  I love to draw her, but try as I might I've never been able to get her right.  Until now.

I'm REALLY proud of this piece.  Oddly enough it started when I saw an LiveJournal post by a friend of mine talking about the new Taylor Swift album.  XD  I saw her hair and thought it would be neat to draw (in fact, Kara's face and hairstyle here is loosely based on Taylor's).

The image popped into my head as I was humming the Superman movie them to myself and the picture just happened.  Inks went pretty well (after fixing the foreshortening on her left arm in the pencil stage) so I decided not to leave this one on the back-burner and went ahead with the colors.  I went with Michael Turner's base design to start with, and changed the cut on the skirt and the top.  I also added some more gold trim and made the belt and inside of the skirt pleats red so the color scheme wouldn't be so blue.  As for her hair, I colored in a slight two-tone because I was having trouble differentiating it from the gold on her suit.

Throw in some clouds and some yellow sun rays and Superman's cousin is ready to save the day! ^_^

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