This was a piece I threw together fast (a little too fast, actually.  But I'll hit on that in a sec).  The Transformers Hall of Fame for 2012 is now open for nominations and Swindle seems to be an early favorite.  I like this particular mob mentality so I whipped this up and jumped on the bandwagon.

The design came easily enough and I had this sketched and inked up pretty fast.  My first problem came when I realized there were problems with the pencils but decided to go ahead and ink it anyways.  The issues still bugged me when I scanned the lineart, so I spent about halr an hour in Photoshop JUST fixing little things that bugged me.  I found myself spending too much time sweating the little stuff and I realized that I was stressing over a piece that was actually pretty good for something I threw together on a whim so I said "Fuck It" and colored her up.

I based this primarily off of Swindle's G1 cartoon design, because I like the window on his chest and the Jeep grill as his belt.  I threw a little more purple on her stockings since I didn't think I had enough of that color here and the colored streak in her hair was an afterthought, but really cool in the end.  ^_^

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