Table Flippin'


I've finally started reading "More Than Meets The Eye" and it's all kinds of awesome (yeah I'm late to the party, I'm a horrible nerd).  And Prowl literally flipping a fucking table was as epic as epic gets.  I knew I wanted to draw something celebrating the epicness and my buddy Foster put this idea in my head.  :D

I drew each frame on a seperate sheet and put them together digitally.  The Hot Rod/Rodimus gal is an updated design with some bigger hair and tweaked boots and drawing the dancing frames was one hell of a guilty pleasure.  For the flippin' tables pose for the Prowl lady I definitely homaged Nick Roche's art but made it a point not to have that page in front of me when drawing this so I wouldn't be tempted to crib off of his work.  ^_^

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