Ba-Dunk-Dunk Arcee


A friend of mine gave me a hand with some stuff at BotCon so I offered to do some art for him as "Thanks."  He's a huge Arcee fan and asked for the Transformers: Animated version with some "BA-DUNK-DUNK."  I was more than happy to oblidge.  XD  This was supposed to be just a sketch, but I got crazy-backlogged at the convention so I took the doodle home and made it a full-color piece instead.  ^_^

And I'm glad I did, because I think this turned out really damn good.  I'm especially happy with the inks, and those of you who know me know how much I bitch about inking.  I went with a more traditional coloring style to match the animation, but added a few more shading levels to make her pop out.  Adding some killer curves to Arcee was a lot easier than I expected since the way her bust and midsection are designed gave me a lot of wiggle room.  I also gave her some killer heels to cap off her sassy pose.  :3

If you compare the pencil and ink stages to the final piece, you might notice that her head placement is different.  After the colors were done initially, I thought something was "off."  Then I realized that I had drawn her neck too short.  I was drawing off of the proportions I normally draw and didn't take into account that Animated Arcee has a crazy long neck.  So I brought the head up and back a bit and I think the end result is a lot better.  :D

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