I'll be the first one to admit that I don't draw Transformers well, but I'll also tell you that there's one reason why I keep trying... because if anyone complains about the disproportionate curves I can just say "SHE'S A GIANT ROBIT!  THAT'S HOW SHE WAS MADE!!!"  XD

Seriously though, Thunderblast started as a random doodle that turned into a pretty damn good doodle and evolved from there.  A lot of the details are off and that's due in part to me not having my toy right in front of me.  The rest is due to me just being lazy and making shit up as usual.  I cut quite a few corners on the colors, though in the end I think the piece is better for it.  I also found that keeping the lines black instead of colored helped keep the metal surfaces look sharp and metallic, which is fine by me.  Saves me a lot of work.  ^_~

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