"The Last Knight"


My Barricade lady in her "The Last Knight"-inspired duds.  It's been close to ten years since I've drawn a Barricade pic and it was neat coming back.  I've included my first one back from 2007 below so you can compare.  See kids?  You really do get better with practice!  :D

I haven't been crazy about a lot of the movieverse designs lately, but I've always liked Barricade and his new look in both car and robot mode has my undivided attention, so I knew I had to draw soemthing that would most likely get me into trouble.  XD

I actually started this right after Barricade's design from Transformers 5 was revealed but the nature of crazy-ass movie designs kept me from finishing it until now.  If you ever email Silas asking for a Bayverse commission and Silas replies with a price quote that sounds high this is why.  Movie stuff is hella complicated, even when I dumb it down like I do it's hard to make sense of stuff.  Pencilling Barricadia was fun but the inks were tough and the colors even tougher with trying to make sense of everything (her flats actually took longer than the shading and highlighting  :O).  This took so long to finish because it scared the shit out of me.  There were times I would open the Photoshop file, just look at it and I would say "NOPE" and I'd work on something else instead.

But I finally finished it tonight (mostly because I promised myself I wouldn't start work on a new piece until I finished this one) and I'm glad I did because she turned out a lot better than I thought she would.  Still, it might be a while until I tackle a movie Transformer lady again.  ^_^;

Vintage Barricadia

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