Bombshell Tracks


I've drawn a Tracks chick before, but that was a looong time ago.  I've been meaning to draw her again, and getting the new Turbo Tracks figure and REALLY digging it got me back in the urge.  That and looking back on the older image I thought "damn, I can do WAAAYYY better now.  XD

The first pic drew a lot from Marilyn Monroe, obviously.  In this one I thought I'd punch that idea up a notch by keeping a headshot of Marilyn next to me during the sketch.  Most notably her hairstyle carried over this time around.  I also took a lot more design cues from the new toy as opposed to the G1 version, namely on the legs and the wheels.  I also added more red to the headpieces to keep that color up top since Tracks has a red face both on the toys and in the cartoon.  This piece ended up turning out a lot better than I thought it would starting out, hence the title.  ^_^

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