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I'm not a big Tron fan (in fact, I pretty much loathe the original flick  XD) but I saw and surprisingly kinda like the new one.  I admittedly saw the movie primarily for Daft Punk, so my expections for everything else didn't have anywhere to go but up so I walked out happy.  ^_^

I liked the glowy-glowy stuff on all the costumes, and the incorporation of armor in the designs so I thought it would be neat to see what Prima would look like in the snazzy black light garb.  This was a quick little piece, I turned it around in under two hours.  The outfit and light layout could have used some more brainwork but it turned out pretty much as I had hoped.  For the pencil image here I posted a very early stage in the sketch to show that I just dove in head-first here with no real plan.  I just put the pencil to paper and just adjusted Prima's normal outfit to incorporate a bunch of neon.  Originally I had the thought that Prima would be showing just as much skin as she usually does, but it didn't seem right as I thought about it more so I covered up almost everything with a different shade of black.

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