This is the result of a kinda/sorta dare to draw a Transformer lady out of a robot without a humanoid mode.  Trypticon being one of my all-time favs he was my first choice.  :3

Trypticonnie (brofist to Fosterlager for coining the name) started out as a quick doodle to answer the dare.  I kinda feel like going the "mascot costume" route was a little cheap, but I think it turned out cool nonetheless.  I tried started a brand new piece after whipping up the quick sketch with a pose that would show off her whole body, but I really liked the composition of the original doodle so I fleshed it out (I've included scans of the initial doodle and fleshed-out pencil stages so you can kinda see the evolution ^_^).

Because Trypticon is a big Baseformer he's got a lot of detail and I wanted to show that off on Trypticonnie here.  Because this piece has more detail than I'm usually used to the ink and color steps were tougher, but also quite a bit of fun.  Trypticonnie was a blast to work on and I'm sure it won't be the last time you'll see this gal from me.  :D

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