Kazanari Tsubasa


I haven't watched a new Anime in, wow, at least three or four years (I dunno, when did Macross Frontier come out?  XD)  I honestly found Symphogear by chance.  I saw pictures of the upcoming figures and thought the designs were pretty awesome and decided to check out the show.  I watched all 13 episodes in like two sittings and it was all downhill from there baby!  Chicks who sing to activate kickass battlesuits?  What's not to love?!  :3

Tsubasa here was the first figure I saw and my favorite character.  I tried a couple more action-oriented poses, but none of them were really working out.  I figured it was because she's got a pretty complicated outfit that I wasn't really used to drawing yet, so I went with a more standard pose to kick off my Symphogear fanart.  I love her ankle swords but at the same time I needed to pose her carefully to show them off.  Her and Hibiki's Figma figure need to hurry up and get released so I can have better references to draw from.  ^_^:

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