I've wanted to draw Varona ever since I started DRRRx2 but for whatever reason a decent sketch kept evading me.  I think it's her hair?  Her eyes?  I dunno.  :/

My buddy Meredith wouldn't let me quit and earlier today I thought I'd try again and I ended up with this and am pretty happy with it I think.  The funny thing is when I was Googling reference images of Varona's motorcycle suit I kept finding pictures of her unzipped down to her crotch (I think she has her suit upzipped for like two seconds in the show  XD).  I know the details are pretty much the same zipped or unzipped but it was still kinda aggravating.   XD

Even the unzipped images didn't really give me the details I needed but I think I still did okay.  I like her pose and hair so I'm good.  ^_^

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