"Drawing with Silas"
Optimus Prima


I've been wanting to do a video walkthrough for a while now and then Vangelus asked me if I could whip up something about 2D art for his and Peaugh's Fan Media Panel at TFcon so I fast tracked this.  For the art I kept it relatively simple since this needed to be a process people could easily follow (and something I could draw easily with minimal mistakes so I'll look good XD).

As for the video there are some timing issues, some parts could be shorter and others longer, but I'm pretty happy with it overall being my first one like this.  The pseudo animations were fun to come up with.  Obviously I sped up the progress and the speed is another thing I need to tweak next time.  I'll add more text to the walkthroughs in the next video too.

Speaking of which, if you like this and would like to see more let me know.  I have another one planned for next year's TFcon but I'm more than willing to do more in the meantime.  So if there's something you'd like me to go over in more depth or see something I can work on in future video walkthroughs just give me a yell!  :D

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