Violet Evergarden


I haven't been able to draw much since I'm considered "essential personnel" at work but here's a piece of Violet Evergarden fan art I was able to punch out over the last week or so.  I usually just come home and sleep but this past weekend I was able to sit down with the new Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memories Doll movie and obviously I was inspired to draw Violet again.  ^_^

Usually I try to clean up my sketches and inks when I post them here but this time I left them as-is so you could see how much layering was going on with this one.  Violet has a REALLY detailed character design and I though working in layers, even in the sketch stage, was the best way to keep everything straight.  Even in the colors almost every element of her outfit is at least one or two layers.  XD

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