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I wanted to draw a superheroine but didn't know who, so I was all like "TELL ME WHO TO DRAW" to my pal Tracy and she was like "VIXEN NOBODY DRAWS VIXEN" and then I was all like "ONLY IF I GET TO DRAW HER WITH LONGER HAIR I SUCK AT DRAWING SHORT SHORT HAIR."

One Google search later and I discovered that longer-haired Vixen did in fact happen, so off I went!  :D

Not much to say about this piece other than it was pure joy to work on.  A lioness pose is totally not out of the question for Vixen and I'm game for that 'cuz it gives me the excuse to show off some killer curves.  With the coloring I decided that less was more in this case since I wanted to show off the lineart on the limbs as much as I could.  ^_^ 

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