Watermark THIS


This image was whipped up as a gag piece for Deviantart, but the figure turned out really well for a quick little artwork so I decided to post it here.

A good number of my pieces on DA were popping up on T-shirts and the like, so I began to use the Deviantart watermark on work I would post there.  Of course, DA people like to complain about... well...everything and I started hearing a lot of bitching about how the watermarks were "ruining" my art.

Really?  REALLY?

So that's how this piece came to be.  This was actually trickier than I initially thought because I wanted to hide just enough behind the DA watermark, yet still retain her pose and figure.  So I did a lot of adjusting and re-adjusting with the transparency of the watermark layer.  I wanted to post both versions here because I'm really happy with how the original lineart came out.  Like I said, for something that was doodled and inked on the back of a scrap piece of paper... the pose, expression and colors turned out really well.  ^_^  

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