Optimus Prima


This piece started as a quick little doodle after buying an awesome new toy (TF Prime Weaponizer Optimus! WOOO!!!)

I've included scans of my first try at the pic, which made it all the way to the inks.  I stuck with it for a while, too long actually, trying to salvage it.  But the pose wasn't really doing it for me.  The Weaponizer Optimus Prime toy has me endlessly amused by his spinning gattling guns and I wanted this pic to show those off on her shoulders.  I told myself that it wasn't a big deal since the pic started on a whim, but on the other hand if anything is worth doing it's worth doing right.  ^_^

I started a new sketch with the same general angle, but opened up her pose a lot more to give the piece a better sense of motion.  The sway in her hips and shoulders show the cannons off better methinks.

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