This is another one of those "Silas has been meaning to draw for a while but too damn lazy to do it until now" ideas.  Wheeljack has always been one of my favorites from I was a kid, and this is actually the first time I've ever drawn the character in any incarnation.  Fancy that, huh?  :3

The design of the outfit came pretty quickly, as did giving her a big pair of glasses.  I ended up paying more attention to that aspect more than I thought I would originally, because I realized that she could wind up looking a lot like The Baroness if I wasn't careful.  At first I was going to give her jet black hair, but dumped that idea for more of a brunette.  I also gave her square-framed specs instead of round and made them a shade of pink to add to the kind of goofy factor.  The sketch and lineart happilly went off without a hitch, and I saved her glasses until the coloring process because I still wanted her eyes to come through and thought it'd be a better effect if I actually drew the spectacles in as an afterthought.  ^_^

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