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After finishing my Anna & Elsa & Brawn piece I knew I wanted to draw another Minibot.  When Cosmos popped into my head what you see here immediately started rolling.  The only real downside is that I STILL have the song stuck in my head.  Oh well.  Much worse things can happen.  :D

Cosmos turned in surprisingly clean after the inks and colors, which is quite a feat for me since I'm not great with robits (flying saucers look simple but they're deceivingly difficult :O).  This one was frustrating for quite some time.  It took a while to get Aladdin and Jasmine to end up okay.  Jasmine is one of my White Whale characters I've never been able to get quite right.  She wound up okay here but it definitely wasn't easy.  Al turned out good too, especlally considering that I've only doodled him like twice before.  XD

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